The Top Duties And Powers Of The US President

Above Picture: 44th President Barack Obama (Born Oahu, Hawaii)

The office of the US Presidency is widely considered as the most powerful position in the whole government. As the US is also regarded as the most powerful nation in the world, it follows that for many, the US President is the most powerful person on Earth. But exactly what are the duties and powers of the US President?

Here are the particular roles that a US President is expected to fulfill:

1. Chief of State. This is a different role from “Chief Executive”, though in the US both those roles are filled by the President. In this role, the President acts as the living symbol of the country, just as in the UK it is Queen Elizabeth II who acts in this role. In this role, the President wards prestigious medals like the Medal of Honor and the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and also makes patriotic speeches for occasions such as the 4th of July.

2. Chief Executive. This is the same function that resembles the role of the UK Prime Minister, who is not the Chief of State. The Executive Branch enforces the laws in the land, and the President is the boss of the people who work here. That includes various federal branches and agencies including the CIA and the FBI.  Continue reading “The Top Duties And Powers Of The US President”

What Is The Purpose Of The US Senate?

To many people outside the US, the way the US government has been organized may be somewhat eccentric. First, the Founders established 3 branches of government: the Executive, the Legislature, and the Judiciary. However, the Legislature actually has 2 distinct houses: the House of Representatives and the Senate. But do you know the purpose of the US Senate?

Original Purpose

So, how come there’s a Senate in the first place? Its original purpose was actually to act as a check for the House of Representatives, who were popularly elected. At first, Senators weren’t even directly elected at all. That only happened when the 17th Amendment passed in 1913. Before then, Senators were indirectly elected because they were chosen by the state legislatures.  Continue reading “What Is The Purpose Of The US Senate?”