What Are House Majority Leaders And House Minority Leaders?

There are only two party leaders that govern in the US Senate and they are called the House Minority Leaders and the House Majority Leaders. These senators are actually elected via party caucuses which are holding the minority and majority respectively. They are also expected to serve as the Senate’s spokespeople while managing their parties accordingly. When it comes to executive business, the presiding bureaucrat will give the priority to Majority Leader in acquiring recognition and speak in front of the senate.

Knowing the Responsibilities of Each Party

Based in the US Capitol, the Minority Leader and Majority leader together with the Speaker and the Whips work collaboratively in order to pursue the goals of the government. The duties may depend on political makeup associated with the majority caucuses. In the past congressional sessions, Pelosi Speakership held notable exception where the Majority Leader chiefly held accountable for the legislative calendar scheduling.

Both party leaders have formal and informal duties to accomplish within a given timeframe. And yet, each party needs to specify those roles in order to become an efficient leader. For instance, Minority Leader as stated in the democratic rules can call for meetings concerning the democratic caucuses. However, when it comes to cooperative functions, minority and majority parties collaborate to create winning coalitions within the branch. Continue reading “What Are House Majority Leaders And House Minority Leaders?”

What Is The Purpose Of The Congress?

The US Congress actually has main purposes designed to address various aspects in the field of governance. The major functions include promoting public awareness, helping constituents, performing oversight, lawmaking, and representing the mass people. Hence, it’s important to know all of these in order to understand how the US government works for the betterment of the masses.

When it comes to lawmaking, passing rules is in fact a primary function for the congress officials. Each rule that has been passed by the body should be understood and obeyed by all Americans. By dealing with a lot of matters in the congress such as TV monitoring and gun control, it is really important to properly address the issues to help make the nation stronger and more resilient.

Understanding the Functions Continue reading “What Is The Purpose Of The Congress?”